Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Twenty Eight First Cousins

I belong to a big clan. My Mom has ten siblings while my Dad has six.

I have twenty eight first cousins on my mother side alone. I'm closest to Aileen who happens to be the same age as I am. We grew up together and share many nice childhood memories.

I have a close relationship with most of my cousins although I'm not very close to the younger ones because we seldom see each other. The younger generation were born and brought up in America so we rarely have the chance to bond but it doesn't mean that we can never be close. There's always time to catch up.

It's nice to belong to a big family. There's always somebody there ready to cheer you up and encourage you. I never feel alone because I know someone will always be there to help me when I fall and keep me from going astray.

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