Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Favorite Things

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  • Hello Kitty collection - I've always been a sanrio fan since i was little esp Hello Kitty. Now that I'm all grown up, I still have my old Hello Kitty collection and I still sometimes find some Hello Kitty stuff irresistable. Thus, my collection continues to grow.

  • Scents - I love different kinds of scents - colognes & perfumes. I have several of them namely Romance by Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Gio Armani, Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden, Happy by Clinique and lots of Victoria Secret cologne spray.

  • Precious Moments doll - I've given away all of my old dolls except this one. She's special. Her name is Genina Bianca. My ex named her. :)

  • My Ralph Lauren bags - I love them but I admit I'm longing to have a LV bag but couldn't afford it right now. If I had enough money to spare, I will splurge on a nice LV bag plus matching wallet.

  • TAG Heuer and Technomarine watch - The Tag was my mom's gift back in college and the TM was her bday gift to me a few years ago. I love my colorful TM gel straps and denim strap.

  • Lacoste backpack - I never liked backpacks before but when i got this one, i realized backpacks come in handy. It carries more stuff compared to my handbags and gives me more freedom to move around.

  • Photos - printed and PC stored - They are priceless!

  • Lacoste shoes - Best walking shoes i've ever owned.

  • Havainnas - I'm so grateful for the "slippers fad". I can practicially wear my havainnas anywhere. I have two pairs. I want to buy a new pair of havainnas soon.

  • Julia Fordham CDs - I love her songs. She has great sad love songs that I could very well relate to. I watched her concert when she went here a few years ago.

  • Heart shaped ring & earrings - My current favorite pieces of jewelry.

  • Butterfly & Bee pendants - So cute! They make me feel young.

  • Dulcinea's Chicken Ala King - I never fail to order it when i'm at Dulcinea.

  • Becky's Kitchen Blueberry Cheesecake - The best cheesecake I've ever tasted. What started out as a small bakery has now become widely known in the country. There is often a long queue when you visit their store. The wait is surely worth it.

  • Sugarhouse Carrot Cake - I got hooked on carrot cake ever since my friend Tech urged me to try a slice.

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