Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's DAy

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Thank you for being a wonderful mother. You've always been
there for me since I was young. You were always there to
guide, teach, inspire and love me. Now that I'm all grown
up and a mother as well, you're still there for me. Always
ready to help me fight my battles and help me stand on my
feet whenever I feel weary and down. Sometimes I think, do
you ever regret having me? I know I've disappointed you in
so many ways but you never judged me. Instead of hurtful
remarks, you encourage me to become a better person and you
praise me for trying my best. You're so remarkably kind,
patient and understanding. Pity, I think those are the
genes that I did not inherit.

Thank you Mom for loving me the way you do. I only wish
that I could make it up to you somehow. I hope that someday
I can truly make you happy and proud of me.

I hope that I could be a good mother to my son as you
are to me.

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