Sunday, May 14, 2006

3am hunger pangs

i skipped dinner ...
the lengthy brownout made it impossible to use the rice cooker.
the maid must have gotten used to cooking rice the easy way.
when prompted to cook rice the old fashioned way, she simply
failed ... thus, a somewhat burned rice.

jules had his usual dinner while i futilely tried to trick my brain
that the rice was palatable ... but my taste buds disagreed. i
just couldn't tolerate the taste and smell of burned rice- no matter
how mild it seemed to be.

jules earlier gave me a kitkat bar. i ate it to console my disgusted
taste buds.

but now it seems, my stomach is letting its hunger known. i have
hunger pangs at 3am.

i don't want to go down to rummage tidbits from the ref. i better
wrap this up and get to bed.

today is mother's day. i need to have my good night sleep just in
case we go out to celebrate.

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