Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Make a Cub Scout Flag

This is Yohan's second year as a Cub Scout.  Last year, he had his Cub Scout Investiture.

Yohan is more active in scouting this year.  Last quarter, he was chosen as Assistant Patrol leader of his group.  He came up with their patrol name Dragon and volunteered to make the group's flag.

Making the cub scout flag became a family activity.  Yohan requested white and red fabric from his grandma while I searched for a simple dragon graphic online.  As soon as I found one, I printed it and Jules painstakingly cut the outline.  He placed the stencil on top of the fabric and used spray paint to fill the spaces in the pattern. We made two flags, a white and a red one.

Yohan and I worked on the outlines of the dragons. Yohan decided that the red one will be the official flag of Team Dragon. To complete the flag, Jules attached it to a long bamboo stick.

Earlier today, Yohan went home to share some good news. He had been promoted to Patrol Leader this quarter.  I'm so proud of my young cub scout.

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JO said...

cool. you are so talented!

Photo Cache said...

yohan looks so grown up. i remember when i first visited your site he was little and now he's looking more and more like the kind of man he will become.

and you look the same btw.

Nortehanon said...

How blessed your son is. Buong family supportive sa kaniya. How I wish many Filipino children have a family like yours. Para has maraming Pinoy na bata ang masaya.

This post reminded me of the flaglet I made for my girl scout troop when I was still in 3rd grade :) It was only made of paper but I had fun making it.