Thursday, April 29, 2010

Koi Action and Water Taxi in Nuvali

Nuvali is a nice and refreshing place where you can dine, relax and unwind with family and friends. Aside from restaurants, it also has a multi-functional lake, outdoor trail and wide open spaces. Visitors can feel close to nature because of its green surroundings.

Nestled at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Nuvali is becoming a favorite place by many. 

A great activity that you can enjoy in Nuvali is fish feeding. Fish feeds are sold for P15 a pack.  Take note that only Nuvali fish feeds are allowed.  So don't make a mistake of throwing a piece of bread or chip in the water.

I've seen Koi ponds before but this is the first time I've seen a lake with a massive number of Koi. Adults and kids will surely be delighted by the overwhelming abundance of Koi swimming and eagerly hoping for Manna from heaven.

The moment you drop some feeds in the water, the exuberant Koi will swim frantically to get some of that coveted treat.  It's an amazing display of fin flapping and fish tail movements. You might even see one or two Koi doing a cartwheel in the air. No kidding!

Perhaps the Koi are doing it on purpose so that you'll go back to the booth to buy some more of those feeds. ha! ha!

I surely fell for it because I went back to the booth several times to buy fish feeds.  It was worth it because my son had a great time feeding the overzealous Koi.

Fish feeding at Nuvali is from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Riding the Water Taxi is another fun activity for the family.  The short boat ride costs P30 per head. 

Enjoy the refreshing wind on your face and watch birds flying nearby.  Expect to feel gentle water splashes as the boat makes a turn.

After feeding the Koi and riding the Water Taxi, my family settled for appetizing snacks at Conti's. Hubby had halo-halo, Yohan chose chicken empanada while I enjoyed a slice of Bananalicious Pie.

It was an afternoon well spent.

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the donG said...

wow! one great koi day! i think this is a good version of bacolod's very own plaza park with hundreds of tilapias.

exciting for both kids and the kids at heart. i once passed by that area but never tried exploring the place. i like the speed boat ride.

Kate said...

wow, what a nice place :) ang dami nung koi! hehe

Photo Cache said...

that's my kind of place. ang daming koi, never seen a place with that many koi at one time. i'm sure hit na hit ke yohann itong place na ito.

Kayni said...

that sounds so relaxing. it's always wonderful to spend time with family. i miss my family these days. thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the bridge picture from the boat makes me think so much of Europe!

ang sarap yata pumunta diyan. :)

Ibyang said...

that place looks beautiful. i'm glad we have places like that in the phils now, a place for family.

the bananalicious pie looks delish.

happy weekend!

Mela said...

nice place. it's the first time i heard about it- i hope me and my family can also visit it soon.

grechie said...

my 3 daughters love NUVALI so much that they miss NUVALI more than going now to Alabang Town Center. hahaha!!! the love feeding the koi's (tama ba?!?!) amaya, kulang na lang eh tumalon dun sa mga koi's. hahahahaha!!!

arze arce said...

whaaaaa a koi day.... superrrr dami naman nyan.... sarap eh uwi sah bahay... hehehe :)

Kia said...

Ciao Rachel! Wow, what a beautiful and peaceful place! :) Youd day sounds both fun and relaxing! It's always wonderful spending a wee bit of time with your family, isn't it? :) I'd love a slice of that bananalicious pie, it looks so yummy! :D
Have a happy day, big hugs and thank you for your visit! :D
It's perfect leaving me a message on the Cbox, thank you again! :)

kay said...

Nuvali? Do you know how to get here commuting? I wanna bring Brent here so he can try out the fish feeding ...

coco said...


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Alice Teh said...

So much fun, Rachel! There are so many koi fishes!

Melli said...

Oh WOW! There's a place up in Pennsylvania near where my husband grew up - Pomatoomy Lake - or something like that - where - not the pretty little golden koi - but the BIG UGLY silver carp do the same thing! You could WALK ACROSS THEM! I swear it! Well, okay - you might slip and fall in -- but they are just all over each other to try to get the bread that people throw in... it's CRAZY! At least the koi are pretty! LOL! I bet Yohan had a blast!

Jaana said...

Ooooh, the Koi are beautiful!