Monday, August 17, 2009

Haiku #2

Shutters gently close
Soft melody, orange skies
Travel in silence

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Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

How do you come up with them?

iluvgreen said...

hi mommy rach. I miss your post. I hope to be back soon.

Amazing Gracie said...

That was beautiful! I used to write poetry but haven't in ages.. Haiku was a favorite.
I promised on FB I'd come over here and say "hello!"
I'm going to take a look at some of your photos and play catch up!
See you here or at FB!

Kia and Zeno said...

Very nice! ((HUGS)) and smiles.

Kia said...

Ciao, dear Rachel How are you today? Thank you so much for the visit and all the nice comments. :) How sweet of you! Have a lovely day, hugs!

katcarneo said...

I love looking out the window when I travel so I don't feel like closing the shutters. But perhaps, on the a long tiring day, that seems nice.

Off topic, I'd like to invite you and all readers here to this event:

Dallas Meow said...