Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #65

I'm one day behind but I hope it's still OK if I still post my WW. :)

Yohan is celebrating his 6th Birthday this coming Saturday. He will have a post birthday celebration in school next week. I've been busy looking for small birthday giveaways for my son's classmates. I found cute little little ponies and zebras (stuffed toys) for the girls. You can see a sample on my other blog. Hope you can go there to check out my Wordless Wednesday #65. For the boys I bought mini cars. I still need to buy sweet treats to put inside the loot bags.

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dawnk said...

Happy Birthday to Yohan a little early! I work at a school, just over the lunch hour. I took kindergartners outside last year. Yohan would have been one of them, if you lived here! They are so darned cute and some of them so darned naughty!

Those sound like nice little presents for his classmates! Cute! My kids only ever brought a special treat for their classmates.

witsandnuts said...

Happy birthday to Yohan! I will gatecrash next week, I want those pony and zebra stuffed toys. Heehee.

RennyBA said...

Your such a good Mom - Happy Birthday to Yohan in advance, all the way from Norway :-)

henny said...

happy b'day to your son! You must be busy preparing his celebration. Have fun of it :)

Photo Cache said...

Hi Rach. Happy Birthday to Yohan.

You know there is a cheap place to get give-aways. Try Oriental Trading dot com. I think there's company there too before the dot com. I used to buy stuff from their catalog. Just check it out. It might work for you in the future. Nope I have no connection with them. I am just a customer.