Friday, June 09, 2006

Allergy Attack

I had a bad case of skin allergies last Wednesday afternoon. I didn't eat anything peculiar that day so I had no idea what caused it. I initially thought I had ordinary mosquito bites although it felt really itchy. But as night came, what I thought were mosquito bites multiplied all over my body. The itchiness was almost unbearable. I had to wait the next day to find relief. I asked Jules to buy Caladryl. It helped a little but the itchiness was terrible. Two friends recommended different medicines to alleviate the itchiness. Jules was able to buy Claritin and it worked wonders. I felt better by Thursday night although the allergies were still visible. This morning, my skin is clear from allergies and I feel a whole lot better. I'm back to blogging, which really means I'm feeling back to my normal self again. :>

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